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Angie Dickinson
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Angie Dickinson in
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Angie Dickinson   Autographed item  H94319

Authenticity, guaranteed for life
All of the autographs that we sell were obtained "in person" and are covered by our "lifetime guarantee". Each and every autograph that we sell has been collected by one of our Los Angeles based collectors or ourselves. This is why we can give you a full guarantee and issue a "Certificate of Authenticity" with each autograph.
Angie Dickinson
Autographed item

Catalog Reference: 994319

11x14 inches (28x36cm)

We are sorry, this item has either been sold or it is no longer available.
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Angie Dickinson
Autographed item
Cat #:H94318

Angie Dickinson
Autographed item
Cat #:H94317
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