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Celebrity Pictures - photographs, posters, and autographs of famous TV and movie celebrities.
Paul Newman
Legendary star in an iconic pose in his racing car.
Paul Newman
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Peter Cook
Rachael Leigh Cook
Roderick Cook
Sam Cooke
Jennifer Coolidge
Alice Cooper
Bradley Cooper
Chris Cooper
Dominic Cooper
Gary Cooper
Jackie Cooper
Tommy Cooper
Kenneth Cope
Sharlto Copley
Teri Copley
David Copperfield
Francis Ford Coppola
Sofia Coppola
Gretchen Corbett
Harry Corbett
Harry H. Corbett
John Corbett
Ronnie Corbett
Ellen Corby
Alex Cord
Mara Corday
Wendell Corey
Lydia Cornell
Abbie Cornish
Aurora Cornu
Judy Cornwell
Andrea Corr
Adrienne Corri
The Corrs
Ricardo Cortez
Bill Cosby
Howard Cosell
Miranda Cosgrove
Dolores Costello
Elvis Costello
Lou Costello
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Kevin Costner
Marion Cotillard
D.J. Cotrona
Joseph Cotten
Counting Crows
Katie Couric
Hazel Court
Tom Courtenay
Jerome Courtland
Jai Courtney
Robin Cousins
Randy Couture
Noel Coward
Simon Cowell
Brian Cox
Courteney Cox
Nikki Cox
Wally Cox
Buster Crabbe
Daniel Craig
Michael Craig
Wendy Craig
Jeanne Crain
Barbara Crampton
Bob Crane
Bryan Cranston
Gemma Craven
Wes Craven
Broderick Crawford
Chace Crawford
Cindy Crawford
Joan Crawford
Johnny Crawford
Michael Crawford
The Crazy Gang
Crazy Town
Richard Crenna
Linda Cristal
David Cronenberg
Hume Cronyn
Mackenzie Crook
Annette Crosbie
Bing Crosby
Cathy Lee Crosby
David Crosby
Denise Crosby
Mary Crosby
Crosby, Stills & Nash
Ben Cross
Marcia Cross
Scatman Crothers
Suzanne Crough
Sheryl Crow
Russell Crowe
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Frank Worth
Frank Worth befriended many of the huge movie stars of his time 1950s and 60s. Famously photographing Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and many other celebrities. For a complete list of our Frank Worth celebrity photos go to our Frank Worth Hall of Fame.
Zsa Zsa Gabor
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