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Cmdr. Shears
Cmdr. Susan Ivanova
Coach Hayden Fox
Coach Nate Scarborough
Coach Norman Dale
Coco Hernandez
Cody Allen
Col. Alec Freeman
Col. Andrea Stavros
Col. Berthold
Col. Cord McNally
Col. Davy Crockett
Col. Dax
Col. Dean Hess
Col. Douglas Mortimer
Col. Everett Dasher Breed
Col. F.E. Cochrane
Col. J.D.H. Stewart
Col. James B. Brewton
Col. James Langdon
Col. Jim Shannon
Col. John "Hannibal" Smith
Col. John Appleby
Col. John Henry Patterson
Col. John Henry Thomas
Col. John Marlowe
Col. John Wilder
Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil
Col. Mike Kirby
Col. Nathan R. Jessep
Col. Paul Foster
Col. Paul Foster
Col. Pieter Deventer
Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie
Col. Robert Calder
Col. Robert E. Hogan
Col. Samuel Trautman
Col. Sherman Potter
Col. Steve Austin
Col. Steve Van Dyke
Col. Virginia Lake
Col. von Waldheim
Col. Wilma Deering
Cole Sear
Cole Thornton
Cole Trickle
Colin Clark
Colleen Champion
Collie Ransom
Colonel Ben Allison
Colonel Brandon
Colonel George Taylor
Colonel Nicholson
Colonel Sherman T. Potter
Colonel Walter E. Kurtz
Colt Seavers
Commander Adam Dalgliesh
Commander Adama
Commander Adama
Commander John J. Adams
Commander John Koenig
Commisaris Piet van der Valk
Commissioner Gordon
Commissioner Stewart McMillan
Conde Drácula
Connie Allenbury
Connie White
Connor 'The Highlander' MacLeod/Russell Edwin Nash
Connor MacLeod
Connor MacLeod/Russell Nash
Constable Benton Fraser
Constance 'Conny' Colby Patterson
Constance de Bonacieux
Constance de Bonancieux
Constance Mackenzie
Constance MacKenzie Carson
Constance Trentham
Constance Weldon Semple Carlyle
Consuelo Lopez
Contessa Caroline di Contini
Contessa Caroline di Contini
Cora Munro
Cora Papadakis
Cora Ryan
Cora Smith
Cordelia Farenington
Cordelia Winfield
Cordell Walker
Corie Bratter
Corinne Dufour
Character starting with the letter [ C ]
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1 Terry Malloy
2 Norman Bates
3 James Bond
4 Derek Vinyard
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