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Character starting with the letter [ L ]
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Lt. Alexis Rosanoff
Lt. Andre Duvalier
Lt. Andrew Tyler, Executive Officer
Lt. Anna Marladovna Shannon/Olga Orlief
Lt. Athena
Lt. Barney Greenwald
Lt. Barrington
Lt. Bert Samuels
Lt. Boomer
Lt. Brannigan
Lt. Brian Ash
Lt. Catherine Gates
Lt. Chris Sabian
Lt. Cmdr. JoAnne Galloway
Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman
Lt. Cmdr. Philip Francis Queeg
Lt. Cmdr. Quinton McHale
Lt. Cmdr. Spock
Lt. Cmdr. Tom Farrell
Lt. Col. 'Bull' Meechum
Lt. Col. Alan Caldwell
Lt. Col. Barney Adams
Lt. Col. Basil Barrow
Lt. Col. Benjamin Vandervoort
Lt. Col. Bill 'Raven' Kelly
Lt. Col. Bill Cage
Lt. Col. Daniel Kiley
Lt. Col. Hal Moore
Lt. Col. James Doolittle
Lt. Col. Kiley
Lt. Col. Kirby Yorke
Lt. Col. Owen Thursday
Lt. Col. Paul W. Tibbets 509th Composite Group CO
Lt. Col. Samantha Carter/Glinda/Chiana
Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe
Lt. Columbo
Lt. Commander Quinton McHale
Lt. Commander Ron Hunter
Lt. Craig Garrison
Lt. Dan Harrelson
Lt. Dan Taylor
Lt. Daniel Kaffee
Lt. David Nelson
Lt. Duke Halliday
Lt. Ellen Ripley Clone #8
Lt. Frank Bullitt
Lt. Frank Drebin
Lt. Frederick Henry
Lt. Gay Ellis
Lt. Gaye Ellis
Lt. Gaye Ellis
Lt. Gonville Bromhead
Lt. Harmon Rabb, Jr.
Lt. Harry 'Breaker' Morant
Lt. James Curran
Lt. James Dempsey
Lt. JG Douglas A. 'Doug' Roberts
Lt. JG Nicholas Holden
Lt. Jim Bledsoe
Lt. Jim Brannigan
Lt. Joe Clemons
Lt. John Chard
Lt. John Curtis
Lt. John Dunbar
Lt. John F. Kennedy
Lt. Jordan O'Neil
Lt. K.C. Trench
Lt. Katy Whitcomb
Lt. Martin Castillo
Lt. Martin Castillo
Lt. Morris Schaffer
Lt. Nikolai Rachenko
Lt. of Detectives Dundy
Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell
Lt. Philip Gerard
Lt. Philip Gerard
Lt. Sam Lawson
Lt. Samuel Gilchrist
Lt. Starbuck
Lt. Starbuck
Lt. Steve Maryk
Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck #2
Lt. Templeton 'Faceman' Peck
Lt. Theo Kojak
Lt. Theo Kojak
Lt. Tom 'Iceman' Kazanski
Lt. Tom Keefer
Lt. Topper Harley
Lt. Tuck Pendleton
Lt. Vincent Hanna
Lt. Weaver
Lt. William Kinderman
Lt.Col. J. Algernon Hawthorne
Luc Deveraux/GR44
Lucas 'Luke' Jackson
Lucas Deranian
Lucas McCain
Lucas Wolenczak
Character starting with the letter [ L ]
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