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Arthur Kennedy
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Arthur Kennedy in
+ Fantastic Voyage
+ Nevada Smith
+ Rancho Notorious

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Lawrence of Arabia
Front of House Set contains 8 cards

Catalog Reference: 791095

8x10 inches (20x25cm)

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Used in the US or UK to promote a movie in the Cinema, Lobby Card Sets were phased out in the mid 1980's by the major film distributors and are no longer printed for distribution in the US, except under unusual circumstances. Lobby Cards are generally 8 scenes from a movie printed on heavy card stock measuring 14x11". Front of House Sets measure 10x8".
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Lobbysets featuring

Fantastic Voyage
Front of House Set contains 8 cards
Cat #:790417

Cheyenne Autumn
Front of House Set contains 8 cards
Cat #:79742

Bend of the River
Front of House Set contains 8 cards
Cat #:791807

The Rawhide Years
Front of House Set contains 8 cards
Cat #:791453

Nevada Smith
Front of House Set contains 8 cards
Cat #:790207
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