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Clark Gable
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+ Boom Town
+ The Call of the Wild
+ Command Decision
+ Comrade X
+ Dancing Lady
+ Gone with the Wind
+ Honky Tonk
+ Idiot's Delight
+ It Happened One Night
+ It Started in Naples
+ Love on the Run
+ Manhattan Melodrama
+ The Misfits
+ Mogambo
+ Mutiny on the Bounty
+ No Man of Her Own
+ Polly of the Circus
+ Red Dust
+ San Francisco
+ Strange Interlude
+ Susan Lenox
+ The Tall Men
+ Teacher's Pet
+ They Met in Bombay
+ To Please a Lady

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+ 'Candy' Johnson
+ Babe Stewart
+ Big John McMasters
+ Blackie Gallagher
+ Blackie Norton
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+ Christian
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+ Colonel Ben Allison
+ Dennis Carson
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+ Flint Mitchell
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+ Gerald Meldrick
+ Harry Patterson
+ Harry Van
+ Jack Thornton
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+ McKinley B. 'Mac' Thompson
+ McKinley B. Thompson
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+ Michael Hamilton
+ Mike Brannan
+ Ned Darrell
+ Patch Gallagher
+ Peter
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+ Rev. John Hartley
+ Rhett Butler
+ Rhett Butler
+ Rhett Butler - a Visitor from Charleston
+ Rhett Butler - Visitor from Charleston
+ Rodney Spencer
+ Victor Marswell

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Clark Gable  Canvas Print  691295

Clark Gable
Canvas Print


Canvas prints made from 100% pure cotton canvas expertly stretched by framing professionals onto a 40mm (1.6 inches) deep solid wood frame.

Item Reference no:691295

Available in 2 sizes ­ choose your size:
30x30x4 cm (12x12x1.6 in)
EUR69.99 + postage

45x45x4 cm (18x18x1.6 in)
EUR89.99 + postage


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