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Pair of Aces
The Paper Chase
The Paper Chase
Partners in Crime
The Partridge Family
Party of Five
The Patty Duke Show
The Pearl Bailey Show
Pearl Jam: Touring Band 2000
Pee-wee's Playhouse
The Pennsylvania Miners' Story
Pensacola: Wings of Gold
The People's Court
A Perfect Hero
Perry Mason
Perry Mason Returns
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake
Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun
Perry Mason: The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host
The Persuaders!
Pete 'n' Tillie
Petticoat Junction
Peyton Place
The Phil Silvers Show
The Pigeon
The Pirate
Pistols 'n' Petticoats
Plan 9 from Outer Space
Planet Earth
Planet of the Apes
Planet of the Apes
The Plank
Playhouse 90
Please Don't Eat the Daisies
Please Sir!
Poker Alice
Police Story
Police Woman
Poltergeist: The Legacy
Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories
Premiere Bond: Opening Nights
Prescription: Murder
The President's Mistress
The Pretender
The Pride of Jesse Hallam
Prime Suspect
Princess Daisy
Prison Break
The Prisoner
Private Benjamin
The Professionals
The Professionals
Project U.F.O.
The Promise
The Protectors
The Protectors
Public Eye
Punky Brewster
Punky Brewster
TV starting with the letter [ P ]
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1 All in the Family
2 The A-Team
3 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
4 The Adventures of Robin Hood
5 Alias Smith and Jones
6 Airwolf
7 Babylon 5
8 Adventures of Superman
9 The Addams Family
10 21 Jump Street
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