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Peter Lawford
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Peter Lawford in
+ Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell
+ Easter Parade
+ Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You
+ Little Women
+ Ocean's Eleven
+ One More Time
+ The Patty Duke Show
+ Salt and Pepper
+ A Step Out of Line

Peter Lawford
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+ Art Stoyer
+ Christopher Pepper
+ Ellery Queen
+ Himself
+ Jimmy Foster
+ Jonathan Harrow III
+ Justin Young
+ Theodore Laurence 'Laurie'

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 Rosebud   Vintage Poster  750031

Rosebud Vintage Poster

Poster (Style C)

Item Ref.: 750031

Poster Size:
30x40S inches (76x102cm) approx.

Poster Condition:

We are sorry, this item has been sold!
or is no longer available.
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