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Authenticated celebrity autographs and autographed photos brought to you by our autograph hunters in LA.

About our Autographs

Owning an autograph is like stepping back in time and being there when your favourite star or celebrity signed it for you. Whether your looking for a star who's long since left us or you want the latest Hollywood hero or heroine, an autograph is like owning a piece of history.
And who knows what the future may bring! The market for autographs always surprises us, so choose wisely, hang on to them and keep them safe as often, these items appreciate in value!
Authenticity, guaranteed for life
Authenticity is the most important factor when collecting autographs and as all of the autographs that we sell were obtained 'in person' we can stand by our 'lifetime guarantee'. Each and every autograph that we sell has been collected by one of our Los Angeles based collectors or ourselves. This is why we can give you a full guarantee and issue a 'Certificate of Authenticity' with each autograph.
The pricing structure on our autographs is based largely on demand as well as rarity. Due to heightened security measures, some stars are getting more difficult to obtain and, as such, are appreciating in value rapidly.
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