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1 Julie Christie
2 Sean Connery
3 Linda Thorson
4 Johnny Depp
5 Roger Moore
6 Debbie Reynolds
7 Ginger Rogers
8 The Great Escape
9 Keira Knightley
10 Veronica Carlson
11 Nancy Kwan
12 Lindsay Wagner
13 Kate O'Mara
14 Nicole Kidman
15 Ian Holm
16 Bonanza
17 Angelina Jolie
18 Sophia Loren
19 Kate Winslet
20 Alain Delon

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Battle of the
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Star Wars
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Gone with the

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Julie Christie

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Angelina Jolie

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12 Angry Men
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The Wizard of

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Keira Knightley
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Caroline Munro
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Dark Passage
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