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Double-sided Advance Style C Poster of Adventures of Tin Tin 506786



An original Double-sided Advance Style C One-sheet Poster of Adventures of Tin Tin
Link to title: The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
Links to people: Jamie Bell    Daniel Craig    Andy Serkis   

Product Information

Original Movie Posters
All U.S. original movie posters measure approximately 27x40 inches (69x104 cms) and are generally double sided unless we state "single sided" in the listing. Double sided means that the poster is printed all the way through on both sides so that when placed in a light box (like in theatres) it displays better. Single sided means that the reverse of the poster is white or blank. Movie posters generally come in two styles - Advance (which means it comes out ahead of the movie for publicity awareness) or Regular (which means the final version with credits) and our listing states which version this is.

Advanced And Teaser Posters
Original posters are further classified into Advance or Teaser. Advance posters are usually issued several months prior to the release of the movie and will often have entirely different artwork to the poster that is used on release. Advance posters do not generally have any film credits and may be released so early that not even the film's title is included.

Reproduction Movie Posters
Often the original movie posters are rare and hard to find or tend to be much more expensive. Most often reproduction movie posters measure approximately 27x 40 inches (69x104 cms) - unless stated otherwise - and are generally double sided unless we state "single sided" in the listing.

Character And Personality Posters
Character and personality posters are commercial posters produced for sale to the general public. They are generally approx. 24x36 inches (64x86cm) and are of high quality. Please Note: All dimensions are approximate. Many of our character and personality posters are rare vintage out of print ones.

Music Promo Posters
Music Promo Posters are produced for publicity for an album or single of an artist and are not generally for sale outside collectors markets. They become very sought after collectors items and most of our music posters are vintage out of print.

Please Note that where given all dimensions are approximate.

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