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About Original and Reprint Movie Posters

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Original posters
Original posters are posters that were released when the movie first came out. A re-release, also known as a re-issue, is a poster made when the movie was re-released after the original date. Originals and re-releases cost more than reprints because they generally increase in value over time. Original and re-release posters offer the new collector a great hobby which can also be financially rewarding as well as a lot of fun.

Reprint Posters
Reprint posters allow anyone to afford a memento of their favourite movie, celebrity or character. Great for the wall, restaurant shop or office, reprints are made using the same printing plates that were used for the original or re-release, or by photographing the original poster and making new printing plates. Our Reprints are of the highest quality and are reproduced on high grade poster paper.

Character and personality posters
Character and personality posters are commercial posters produced for sale to the general public. They are generally approx. 24x34 inches (64x86cm) and are of high quality.

Music Promo Poster
Music Promo Posters areproduced for publicity for an album single of an artist and are not generally for sale outside collectors markets. They become very sought after collectors items.

Advance and Teaser posters
Original posters are further classified into Advance or Teaser. Advance posters are usually issued several months prior to the release of the movie and will often have entirely different artwork to the poster that is used on release. Advance posters do not generally have any film credits and may be released so early that not even the film's title is included.

Please Note: All quoted dimensions are approximate.